Art in its various forms has been a part of our school since its inception. Frederick Gunn wove 音乐 into the early fabric of FGS and organized plays for his students and town residents, which led to the establishment of 华盛顿’s amateur theater group, 的Dramalites. This commitment to making art part of the everyday experience for students, and finding ways to connect the school with the community through art, 今天托马斯S. 佩拉克斯艺术和社区中心. 位于正规买球app排行校园的中心, this beautiful new building supports 弗雷德里克·冈恩学派’s Vision for 艺术 and Community and the continued growth of the school’s visual arts, 音乐, 戏剧和舞蹈节目. In addition to providing a place for students to develop and showcase their artistic abilities, the center will allow for the expansion of partnerships between the school, 当地的艺术组织和社区.

在弗雷德里克·冈恩学校, 正规买球app排行要求学生学会承担公共风险, 做制造者而不是消费者, to be citizens who imagine a beautiful future without cynicism, 以希望面对失败.


Our Vision for 艺术 and Community at 弗雷德里克·冈恩学派 outlines four elements – Creation, 风险, Connection and Wonder – that are essential to each student’s experience in the arts.

在FGS,正规买球app排行邀请正规买球app排行的学生成为创造者和制造者. 无论是视觉艺术还是表演艺术, 学生们被要求在世界上留下自己的印记, 挑战别人以一种新的方式看世界, 来表达他们完美独特的观点.

The arts also break down barriers for those who are nervous about trying new things, as well as those who want to actively engage in the arts for the rest of their lives. “I know of so many students for whom the arts had a real transformative impact during their time here and who are grateful for all the great work that goes into allowing students to have that experience,学校校长彼得·贝克尔说.

All students are required to take the equivalent of one credit in art. This can be accomplished through three single-term courses or one full-year course in our 音乐 or visual arts programs. 而要求是一学分, 正规买球app排行的学生被鼓励, 而且经常会选修比必修课更多的课程. The goal is for every student to recognize and appreciate the valuable role that art plays in our lives. “It is unique in its ability to draw forth parts of who we are as humans that other pursuits cannot. 艺术使正规买球app排行看到, 听到, 听, 感觉, 并最终以一种正规买球app排行不能没有它的方式思考,贝克尔说:.



弗雷德里克·冈恩学派 剧院项目 将 第25届帕特南县拼字比赛, 2月24日至26日晚上7点.m. 蒂施家族礼堂 托马斯年代. 佩拉克斯艺术和社区中心. The 2月ruary 24 and 25 shows are open to students and faculty only. 家长和社区都被邀请参加 一个晚上只 2月26日. 免费入场. 无需注册. 按照学校的规定 游客的政策, all theatre patrons are required to be fully vaccinated and will be required to wear a mask indoors.


弗雷德里克·冈恩学派欢迎了耶鲁的Whiffenpoofs, 美国最古老的大学无伴奏合唱团, 在托马斯·S. 佩拉克斯艺术和社区中心,12月7日. 在音乐会, students in Vocal Ensemble and String Ensemble were invited to join the Whiffenpoofs for a master class, and took a turn performing for the Whiffs one song from the school’s upcoming holiday concert. 


周日,尽快! will host its 11th annual Celebration of Young Photographers in 华盛顿 Depot with an exhibit that includes six original photographs by five students from 弗雷德里克·冈恩学派. 奥利弗·陈的22, 威妮弗蕾德Ezenwata的22, 安娜·格里森的23, Clari Leonard ’22 and Sarah Zhang ’24 were among the finalists selected this year by a panel of professional photographers through a blind judging process.


弗雷德里克·冈恩学派 剧院项目 is excited to present the Connecticut Premiere of “爱德华·杜兰的神奇之旅,” adapted by Dwayne Hartford based on the book by Kate DiCamillo, 由肯特·伯纳姆执导, 戏剧艺术总监. 演出将在晚上7点举行.m. on 11月ember 11-12 在托马斯·S. 佩拉克斯艺术和社区中心. 该剧也将于周六晚上7点上映.m. 通过 转播画面 对于那些不能亲自出席的人.


当家长在家长周末参观校园时, they will have an opportunity to view three paintings by American Abstract Expressionist painter 克里夫灰色 in the Perakos Family Cares Art Gallery, dedicated in honor of 华莱士H. Rowe III H'57 P'77 '79. The paintings were acquired through the 克里夫灰色 Foundation and the school’s 视觉艺术 Advisory Council. Its purpose is to guide the school in its acquisition of works of art to ensure a positive outcome for the school, 潜在的捐赠者或贷款人, 作品的目的是捐赠或贷款.

“Almost, 缅因州”海报

This past weekend 弗雷德里克·冈恩学派 Drama Society brought home three Halo Awards for this spring’s production of “Almost, 缅因州,约翰·卡里亚尼写的一部浪漫喜剧. 颁奖, which honor high school students’ achievements in all aspects of theatre, were presented by 七位天使剧院 in Waterbury 通过 YouTube on 7月y 10. The cast and crew of “Almost, 缅因州,” earned a total of seven nominations. 祝贺2021年光晕奖获奖者!

德鲁和奥黛丽——《Almost, 缅因州》

恭喜《正规买球靠谱网站》的全体演员和工作人员, 缅因州,她总共获得了7项光晕奖提名. Presented annually, the Halo Awards celebrate the best in Connecticut high school theater. This year’s Halo Awards will be presented virtually on Saturday, 7月y 10, 7点p.m. 门票免费,可通过网上预订 七位天使剧院. You must register in advance to view the online awards presentation.