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Sean came to 弗雷德里克·冈恩学派 in 2014 from The Lawrenceville School, where he spent four years as a student and worked in the 校友 and 发展办公室 for seven years. 在劳伦斯维尔工作的间隙, Sean also worked at the Rutgers University Foundation and The University of Chicago – Booth School of Business. 他在两家非营利机构的董事会任职. 肖恩得了A.B. in English from Trinity College, where he also played for four years on the baseball team. 在他空闲的时候, Sean enjoys playing mediocre golf and driving thousands of miles so his kids can play sports. 肖恩和妻子艾琳住在华盛顿, who is a Learning Specialist in the Center for 学术, 他们的孩子,22岁的加文和布里奇特, 布丽姬特的Cavapoo, Ru (named for Bridget's favorite movie character and American Olympic hero, 迈克Eruzione), 和马克, 巧克力拉布拉多(以《正规买球靠谱网站》(the Professor)的名字命名),“格雷格马德达克斯).



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汉娜·艾丽·凯勒加入了校友 & 发展办公室担任竞选经理. She brings to the team a decade of experience in higher education and independent school fundraising. Hannah will manage the day-to-day planning and strategy for The Campaign for 弗雷德里克·冈恩学派. Hannah has held a variety of annual and major giving roles throughout her career. 担任圣母学院年度捐赠主任, Hannah oversaw a team responsible for alumni and parent giving. She has served as Associate Director of 校友 给 at Kent School, 三一pawling学校校友关系主任, and the Assistant Director of 年度捐献 at Wofford College. 在搬迁到东北部之前, Hannah was the Associate Director of Development for Hollins University, where she oversaw the significant growth of the Hollins Fund and worked as a Major Gifts Officer as part of the Alumnae Engagement Initiative. Hannah is a proud Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Agnes Scott College. 她和她的家人喜欢旅行, 农业, 为弗吉尼亚理工学院的毕业生加油助威, 和他们的巧克力拉布拉多犬玩耍, 雷明顿. 



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作为新米尔福德人,史蒂夫加入了校友 & 发展办公室 in 2015 after working for a few summers in the Business Office and Admission Office while completing his college degree. He is a graduate of New Milford High School and the University of Connecticut, 他在哪里获得的化学工程学士学位. 在他目前的角色中, Steve maintains and develops policies for the database that the 校友 & 发展办公室的日常运作依赖于此. 在他的业余时间, 他喜欢骑山地车, 徒步旅行, 尝试新的食谱(烹饪和烘焙), 还有去健身房. A resident of nearby Woodbury, he also dabbles in woodworking projects.




A native of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Christian is a graduate of 弗雷德里克·冈恩学派 and St. Lawrence University, where he played football and earned a bachelor’s degree in English. 在加入校友之前 & 发展办公室, he was an account executive for Mylan Pharmaceuticals and an international sales executive for Lenco Armored Vehicles. 他也是道富银行(State Street Bank)的收入分析师. 在他目前的角色中, Christian helps every major reunion class have a successful reunion year. He enjoys speaking with as many alumni as possible, whether by phone, via email or in person. “My ultimate goal is to reconnect people to the school on a more meaningful level,” he said. His favorite thing to do is to spend time with his wife, Kathleen (they were high school sweethearts!)和他们的孩子科尔、查理和埃莉诺. 他也喜欢玩, 观看和谈论正规买球靠谱网站, 尤其是足球和高尔夫球, 锻炼, 阅读和播客. 他和家人住在马萨诸塞州的匹茨菲尔德




康涅狄格本地人, Bill grew up in New Haven and graduated from James Hillhouse High School, 这座城市最古老的公立高中, 因与耶鲁大学关系密切而闻名. (有趣的是,这所学校的著名校友包括文森特•斯卡利, a Sterling Professor of the 历史 of Art in Architecture at Yale, 爵士单簧管手兼乐队指挥阿蒂·肖, 以及演员欧内斯特·博格尼.) Curren went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in history from Trinity College, 他还在那里踢足球和打长曲棍球. 1978年至1990年, he lived and worked in New York City as a producer and director for documentary and feature films, 电影短片和电视广告. Prior to joining FGS, he served as Associate Director of 年度捐献/正规买球靠谱网站 at Trinity College. 他还志愿担任青年体育教练, organizer and President of Shepaug Valley Little League from 2000‒2006. 他目前担任1850基金的副董事, Curren manages philanthropic efforts with alumni stakeholders and volunteers for all classes prior to 1989 that are not in their reunion year. 在他空闲的时候, 他喜欢读书, 库克, 观看电影和戏剧表演, 花时间在户外. 他喜欢阅读历史文献, 小说, 小说和非小说类, 他对古希腊和罗马历史特别感兴趣. He and his wife, Dariel, live in Roxbury with their dogs, Remy and Lilli. They have two adult children, Jamie, who lives in Roxbury, and Eleanor, who lives in New York City.





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阿什利, an alumna of 弗雷德里克·冈恩学派, joined the 校友 & 2021年发展办公室. 在返回FGS之前, 她就读于康涅狄格大学, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychological Sciences with a double minor in Business and Human Development & 家庭研究. In her current role, 阿什利 assists with database operations, alumni mailings, and event preparation. While 阿什利 enjoys connecting with both past and present students, she hopes to become a familiar face for students on campus to reconnect with once they graduate. 阿什利 lives just over the hill in the village of New Preston, 她喜欢和家人在一起的地方, 包括她的猫奥拉夫(它喜欢温暖的拥抱). 在她空闲的时候, 她还喜欢做乐高积木, 回顾《正规买球app排行》, 还想让她的香草园活下去.



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James has lived and worked in boarding schools for over 13 years. Prior to joining 弗雷德里克·冈恩学派 in 2020 as Director of Major Gifts, he had served since 2008 as the Major Gifts Officer at Hebron Academy. 他在希伯伦任职期间, James also served as the school’s Assistant Director of Admission for Student-Athletes for six years. 他在中学和高中都教法语, 也是大学高尔夫队的主教练, 大学男生冰球代表队, 还有大学男生棒球队. 希伯伦学院的校友, James holds a bachelor’s degree in French language and literature from the University of Southern Maine in Portland, where he served as Assistant Coach of the Men’s Ice Hockey Team from 2006-2008. 在他目前的角色中, LeBlanc is seeking to continue building relationships with alumni from coast to coast. 一个狂热的渔夫和高尔夫球手, 他和妻子住在校园里, 阿什利, FGS的学生主任, 他们的两个儿子, 道格拉斯和戈登, 和他们的黑色拉布拉多犬, Tuuk.