多样性、股票 & 包容

我回答, 当然, that I am no critic of skins; that I teach all who come to receive my instructions, and who conduct themselves in such a manner as to promote the ends of the institution; that I never can or will give way to this inhuman and infernal prejudice, — no, 一个小时都不行!
    If I am compelled to relinquish my situation here because I cannot sell myself to the skin-aristocrats to help them in heaping contempt upon those whom God loves as well as he does you and me, ——为什么, 那就这样吧, 所以要它


Our continuous focus on moral character development intentionally engages all members of our school in the work of creating an inclusive and equitable living and learning ecosystem.  Community and 公民身份 are at the heart of our aspiration to both social justice and academic excellence, with individual diversity integral to the strength of that community. 当正规买球app排行拥抱差异,以尊重的态度追求学校生活, 股本, 和同情, 正规买球app排行培养学生成为积极参与的公民, 如学校的性格陈述所述.

秉承正规买球app排行创始人弗雷德里克·冈恩的信条, 谁是著名的废奴主义者和进步教育家, 弗雷德里克·冈恩学派 seeks to provide a pluralistic learning environment for all inclusive of (but not limited to): culture, 种族, 性别认同或表达, 国家的起源, 学习的差异, 物理的区别, 政治面貌, 比赛, 宗教, 性, 性取向, 和社会经济差异.  


  • A working group of senior administrators and faculty led by the Director of 多样性、股票, 和包容, LaDarius画
  • 董事会特别工作组由奥马尔·斯洛97年担任主席
  • 目前由学生领导的亲和团体,如黑人学生会, 性别与性联盟, 和亚洲学生协会


六月标志着被称为双子座的星座的承认. The sign of Gemini is the symbol for dual perspectives and ideologies within the same missions. 弗雷德里克·冈恩学派 views this June as an opportunity to honor both Pride Month and Juneteenth to call attention to character, 公民身份, 这是包容性接触的结果, 社会混乱, 和自我表达.

6月是骄傲月,是庆祝LGBTQ+社区的日子. Since the first recognized pride event took place as a socially disruptive event, it is said to lay the foundations for non-cisgendered and non-heternormative folx to thrive in a world that lets them be their best selves. 6月19日, 2021,  marked the 156th celebration of Juneteenth National Independence Day, 而今年, 这在美国是第一次, 是否得到联邦政府的认可和遵守. 6月14日的假期承认,直到6月19日, 1865, did the Emancipation Proclamation’s end to the institution of slavery take effect throughout the United States. We use this holiday to call attention to the barriers freed slaves and their descendants faced as we continue to see ongoing conversation on what equality, 股本, 对他们来说,21世纪的正义.

弗雷德里克·冈恩学派 honors this holiday in conjunction with Pride Month to call attention to the discourse of inclusive freedom. Our school is an institution that holds tightly to the tenants of our founder, 废奴主义者弗雷德里克·冈恩, 庆祝骄傲月和六月节. These events will forever continue to serve as beacons of freedom from oppression in all their forms.


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HOS DEI思想第四部分


Image used with permission, The 王 Center, Intellectual Properties Management, Inc. (IPM),博士遗产的授权经理. 马丁·路德·金.

今年的庆典是为了纪念牧师的一生和遗产. Dr. 马丁·路德·金. will focus on the themes of restoration, mercy and community service. In the spirit of celebrating MLK Day as a national day of service — “a day on, not a day off” — students will not have classes on 1月uary 17 but will gather in the Thomas S. Perakos 艺术 and 社区中心 for a day of programming and a service-oriented activity. 1月18日下午7点.m., 学校将欢迎雷金纳德·德韦恩·贝茨, 作者, 律师, 诗人和自由阅读的创始人, a first-of-its-kind organization working to radically transform access to literature in prison, 作为其2021-22扬声器系列的一部分.


On 2月ruary 25, the school’s Black 历史 Month celebration concluded with an impressive, virtual 举办, 来自弦乐合奏团的精选学生, 声乐乐团, 音乐会爵士乐队, who performed sacred and secular music interspersed with poetry to bring the theme of Black joy as expressed through the arts to life.

牧师. Dr. 马丁·路德·金.

Students and faculty paused to reflect on the life and legacy of the Rev. Dr. 马丁·路德·金.在星期一的学校会议上. The presentation by history teacher and Director of Diversity 股本 和包容 LaDarius画 was the first in a series of programs planned over the next six weeks as part of the school’s Black 历史 Month celebration.


Two students and two faculty members representing The Gunnery attended the 2019 People of Color Conference/Student Leadership Diversity Conference sponsored by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) in Seattle in December. 其中包括20岁的马利·贝拉诺(3月ley Berano)和21岁的丹尼·因凡特(Danny Infante),600 students from independent schools across the country who attended the sold-out Student Leadership Diversity Conference (SLDC). 除了大型的小组会议, the SDLC offers students the opportunity to share their experiences in “affinity groups,” which NAIS describes as “safe and supportive spaces defined by membership in a specific racial or ethnic identity group.

纪念牧师的活动. Dr. 马丁·路德·金. 关注故事叙述和视角

学生们庆祝牧师的一生和遗产. Dr. 马丁·路德·金. over the past week by participating in activities and discussions focused on storytelling and perspectives. 这些事件意在说明不同的视角, 或“眼镜,正规买球app排行通过它来观察世界和他人的故事.


周一, The Gunnery joined the 华盛顿 Business Association in support of “华盛顿 Gives,"纪念牧师的服务日. Dr. 马丁·路德·金. 为期一天的活动将当地居民聚集在一起, 企业主和非营利组织, who participated in service activities at various locations in 华盛顿 Depot as part of a national Day of Service commemorating the life, 博士的工作和精神. 王.